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Each property is unique as the people who own it. The value of your timber depends on which species are on your property, the size of the trees, the amount of land acreage you own, market prices, etc. The actual value of your timber can’t be given without a forester first checking your property. Our forestry consultant will measure your trees and tally species to determine the worth of your timber.

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Timber Consultation

We have professional foresters with B.S. degrees from Purdue University in Forest Products and Forest Management. Their sole job is to help you plan a selective timber harvest. Our forestry consultant will work with you to select and price trees that have reached economic maturity and price your overall timber stand. (These estimates are free.) Once a price is agreed upon, we will create a pre-harvest plan to accommodate any land needs you have. This includes creating recreational areas, game trails, planting grass etc. Contact us today for a free consultation on your timber!

Timber In High Demand

Trees that are currently in high demand and bring more profit to your timber sell are: poplar, walnut, white oak, red oak, hard maple, soft maple, hickory, cherry, and ash. We harvest other trees, but they are of lower value and generally become saw logs. Lower value trees on your property can lower the amount of money you get from selling your timber. We always use harvesting practices that ensure new growth of high value trees in case you ever wish to get your timber harvested again for more profit. Learn how to identify trees we buy by checking out the FAQs menu above.

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