Our Company

We are all about family.

Our logging legacy started 3 generations ago and has continued on from father-to-son for the past 50 years. In 2011, aided by years of knowledge and experience, our timber veterans formed Indiana Timber and Veneer, LLC to carry on our family’s heritage. We consider all of our crew a part of the family and ensure everyone has the up-to-date education, training, knowledge on safety, and skills to be the best at their job.

We value green.

As a company founded by certified foresters, we care about our woods. There are many logging companies that cut without caring, leaving your woods damaged. We want to change this. That’s why we focus on green logging practices to promote sustainable forests for the future.

We want a win-win.

Green harvesting doesn’t just protect the environment—it ensures landowners will get even more profit from future timber sells. Wood is the world’s most renewable resource, but it needs to be selectively harvested with proper forest management to bring the most benefit to landowners and the earth. That’s why our motto is grow green—that’s green forests as well as your capital.