Meet the Crew


Aram Wright


The forests in southern Indiana had a big impact on Aram’s life, where he spent his childhood hunting, fishing, playing with friends, and even collecting bugs. Following in his father’s footsteps into the logging and sawmill industry, Aram obtained a B.S. in Forestry from Purdue University. He gained much under his father’s tutelage and has since worked as a forester for 35 years. To put it simply—Aram knows trees—from identifying the grade and species at a glance to building a house with the wood.

Dana Wright


Dana and Aram have been partners in business since 1998 and partners in life for 35 years. They work as a true team in both business, with Dana as the office manager and Aram as the CEO, and in life as parents of 6 children. Dana believes in family first and sees the crew as an extension of her big family. She has a lot on her plate and has to juggle many different aspects of life, but she tries to never let the quality of her work slip—in business, as a mother, and in her dedication to God.
dana wright

Urim Summerton

Log Sales & Export Manager

Urim is a true outdoorsman, which has inspired and driven his 15 years of experience in the logging business. With a B.S. in Forestry, Urim worked as a timber buyer and currently manages the log yard, including log sales and exports. He takes his timber, and crew safety, seriously and works hard to keep the yard running smoothly. Yet, he has an easy-going, fun-loving personality with favorite pastimes including hunting, carpentry, and spending time with family.

Chris Ryan

Crew Foreman

Chris has worked in the forestry industry for 10 years and is an artist when it comes to finishing a job. He puts every effort into cleanup and the results are impressive. He has obtained all the certification available for logging a job and requires all his crewman to get the highest levels of BMP’s certification and safety training. Chris’ crew has one of the lowest turnover rates as they know the real meaning behind being a team.
Vincent Tanksley

Darron Tanksley

Forestry Consultant

Darron is fully trained in determining tree species and providing timber valuations. He was chosen for his big personality and is a quick and eager learner. He is dedicated to helping you get the most benefit from a timber sale. His past work experience has fostered a real attention to detail and he has a quick eye when it comes to spotting high quality timber. 

Woods Crew

Timber Harvesters

Logging is the 2nd most dangerous job in America and it takes guts to work on a job where every tree felled could kill you. That’s why we only employ professional loggers who have completed cutter and skidder training courses in logger safety and forest land protection. We want our guys safe and we want your forest healthy. Implementing our BMP’s is a must and these amazing workers maintain them before, during, and after every timber harvest.