Why should I sell my timber?

Some property owners may not realize they have “money growing on their trees.” By selling your timber, you are using a very easy way to get a large sum of money. Timber is alive and has a lifespan as all other living things. When timber gets too big, it will eventually fall over and die, returning to the soil it grew from. That’s why it is important to harvest timber in its prime to prevent losing value on good timber. Harvesting your timber is also good for forests. Often trees leave their seeds all over the forest floor, but their large canopies prevent any of the seeds from getting sunlight and growing. Once large trees are cut, it opens a small clearing which allows young saplings to grow. This also is great for wildlife and allows animals such as deer to flourish. In Indiana, low grade trees such as Beech and Sycamore often take over forests. By having these trees cut down for pallet logs, it allows high grade species such as white oak and walnut to grow—creating more profit for any future timber harvests you wish to do.