What will my property look like after you’re done harvesting?

What really sets us apart from other loggers is our genuine concern for the future of our forests. That is why we focus on green harvesting practices and proper forest management, which in turn keeps logging sites looking as good as possible. The cleanup crew is led by our foreman, Chris, who creates a harvesting plan that focuses on getting the logs we need and leaving the rest untouched. You might find that other logging companies cut with no concern and your property will look like a tornado ran through it. In light of this, Chris has designed a strategy for green harvesting that really works. It takes more time and is harder for our logging crew, but the results are worth it. (You can find an in-depth explanation in our Logging Practices.) In forestry terms, we harvest to improve future growth of the residual stand by using single tree and group tree selection. What that means is—in 5 years, the logged area will be filled with saplings, and in 10, it will be filled with beautiful trees! This method of logging isn’t just beneficial for the environment, it also promotes the growth of high value trees. As a property owner, if you harvest with us once, your second harvest will be even more profitable and happen even sooner than if you log with other companies.