• Get a free estimate on the value of your timber!

    Get a free estimate on the value of your timber!
  • Are you a landowner?

    Your timber can be worth a lot of money

    Are you a landowner?
  • Green Harvesting

    Our practices keep your land healthy and promote future benefit

    Green Harvesting

Our Practices


We follow logging standards designed to preserve, conserve, and protect your land and timber while making the harvest operation safer.

Professional Loggers

We employ professional loggers who have completed cutter and skidder training courses in logger safety and forest land protection.

Green Harvesting

We protect the residual forest stand by implementing Best Management Practices (BMP’s) before, during, and after a timber harvest.


Free Consultation

Our certified foresters can give free estimates on the value of your timber.

Log Sales

We sell logs to world markets ensuring we can pay the best prices for your timber.

Timber Buying

We buy standing timber and use Best Management Practices while logging to keep your woods beautiful.

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About Us

Indiana Timber and Veneer is a local, family-owned business that buys standing timber and timberland. Although the company was founded in 2011, it is owned by the Wright family who has been in the sawmill and logging business for over 40 years. ITV focuses on green logging practices to promote sustainable forests. This doesn’t just protect the environment—it ensures landowners will get even more profit from future timber harvesting. 

Wood is the world’s most renewable resource, but it needs to be logged with proper forest management to bring the most benefit to landowners and the earth. That’s why our motto is grow green—that’s green forests as well as your capital.

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